Megnyitja kapuit a Tailoring Digital

Fáradhatatlanul köszönjük a támogatást azoknak, akik szeretnek minket, hiszen ez visz minket előre és ez inspirálja a Canissi csapatát nap, mint nap, hogy elérjék és megvalósítsák új álmaikat. Mint tudjuk, minden fejlődés mögött változások és új célok állnak.

Making a garment is always preceded by a lot of preparatory work and professional know-how. It’s not just the end result we love – we’re also passionate about the preparatory work, which requires precise focus and artistic flair. Here, every item of clothing has a history all its own, and through our special attention to detail, ends up reflecting the unique character and aspirations of the person it’s made for. For us, the ultimate reward is creating something of value and outstanding quality through the carefully designed work processes we apply. And we’ve recently introduced a new business model, applying a process that will make our exceptional production methods available to individuals and companies alike. The Tailoring Digital team offers you a complete service, from initial design through to manufacture of the finished product.

We’re opening this new chapter in our story with the help of a professional team highly experienced in all aspects of this service. We create patterns for you, and we also can make grading and produce the full garment of size ranges for you; in other words, we offer everything you need under one roof. Whatever your needs, our professional tailors, with their decades of experience, will ensure you receive a superb product. Our aim is the same as it has always been: to fully meet the needs of our private customers and corporate clients. We approach each new challenge from a strictly professional angle, as we firmly believe in the value of quality work, in accurate design-implementation, and in constantly taking things to the next level.

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